Newest Cereal Killer Leader: Insomniac x3

Insomniac x3 is the newest General Mills in the infamous crew, Cereal Killers, along with Skye Pie, Luna Clipse, and Skka.

General Mills (GM) is the highest rank in CK Crew.  GM’s have the ability to do anything from removing or adding members to changing the crew image and more.

The rankings in CK Crew are as follow:

  • General Mills       = Founders
  • Captain Crunch  = Level 100
  • Lucky Charms     = Level 81 – 99
  • Mini Wheats         = Level 61 – 80
  • Generics                = Level 25 – 60

Many of you know Insomniac x3 for her amazing outfits, as seen in the picture above.  She’s also an editor for ourgemcodes and a good friend.  If you’d like to know more about Insomniac x3, then we’ll keep you posted on the latest news!

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