ourWorld Interview: owGods Creation

We interviewed owGods Creation, one of the leaders of : owGods.  owGods started in 2010, and we are giving you some details about the crew.

owGods Creation, tell me something about yourself?
Well, my name is Mike, and I’ve been on ourWorld for about 10 months.  Almost a year.

owGods Creation, who did you create owGods with?
Well, I formed owGods with owGods Venus (originally owGods Puddin).  At the time, there were four leaders.  But one of the leaders became a problem to the crew’s image.

So what’s the secret to having a successful crew?
One secret is to ensure you have players that are at high levels and ensure that we recruit 5 star members.  For those who have low stars, we encourage them to watch videos.  Some of our members are young and do not have credit cards, but the main secret is to work like a family.  We work together.

owGods Creation, are there ever arguments between leaders?
When we formed owGods, someone is a chosen leader or a God /Goddess.  If a leader doesn’t work toward our goals then we ask them to step down from leadership.

So what contests have owGods won?
We’ve won a lot of contests.  We work as a unit but this is only possible because we are lucky to have some great crew members and leaders that encourage others to join.

owGods Creation, are there any secrets about owGods that we should know?
No.  We don’t keep secrets from each other.

And what are the requirements if people want to join?
Requirements are level 65 and 5 stars and name change.

And last question, what’s your message to ourWorld players?
If you want to be in a crew and feel part of it, then owGods is the first choice. We are not a crew.  We are a community.

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2 Responses to ourWorld Interview: owGods Creation

  1. owGod Uranus says:

    Add me to your crew my name is:
    owGods Uranus
    ….but im only level ten will u still add me please it would be the best part of my life

  2. owGod Uranus says:

    Oh can i still join cuz my name is :
    “ow Uranus”
    And i am still level 11
    Is that ok
    Please let me join this is going to be the best part of my life if it comes true.

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