Want Ourgemcodes As An App?

Sadly, no we have not made ourgemcodes an app. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have it as one! How to get it:
1. Open Safari on your ipod, ipad, or smart phone.
2. Go to the URL and type in http://www.ourgemcodes.com
3. Go to the little box with an arrow pointing out of it on the bottom of your safari page. This is usually where you bookmark a page.

4. Open it up and click “Add to Home Screen.”
5. Title it OurGemCodes, Ourworld Gem Codes, etc. Click “Add” and it’s on your homescreen!
Maybe, hopefully, ourgemcodes will be made into an actual app someday but enjoy this until when/if it happens :)
This also works on other sites too :)

About Skye Logic

I wear a lot of hats.
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