ourWorld March 19th Uptades

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Updates for March 19th, 2012 (est.)
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New Island: Vegas Island

Vegas has floated into ourWorld! Hit the Casino, relax with friends in the Lounge, and get glamorous new clothes and furniture. Enjoy the high life!

Lucky 7 Clothing Shop

You deserve a winning style to match your winning streak!

Wow Vegas World with these all-new looks.

New Shop in Soho: Ritz Shop

This Soho shop is for those who like the finer things in life, and can afford to pay a lot of Coins for them!

New Profile Look

Your Profile is now as good-looking as you are.

Customize it to express the real you.

Lucky 7 Furniture Shop

Live like a high-roller with this all-new outrageous Vegas-inspired furniture.

Vegas Games: Sushi Time

Roll a delicious winning combination of sushi treats.

You could hit a big Lucky Cat Jackpot!

Profile Marketplace Button

See all the goodies your friends have up for grabs with the new Profile Marketplace button.

Shipwreck Lounge

A pirate ship crashed into Vegas World!

Luckily, the pirates opened a Lounge and are looking for employees and customers.

Limo in Pier

Travel to Vegas World in style!

Catch the new Limo service available from the Pier.

April 2012 April Showers Items

(NOTE: only in April!)

Sing in the rain, and celebrate April Showers with these water-loving items.

Get them in April before they’re washed away forever!

April 2012 April Shower Table

(NOTE: only in April!)

Bring a bit of the outside inside with the April Shower Table.

But you gotta be a Resident to get one!

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