How to play ourWorld on your iPhone/iPod/iPad

Many people have been asking the ourWorld developers to create an ourWorld app for a long time. Of course, this is impossible. Apple have been feuding with Adobe for quite sometime now, and Adobe Flash Player is one of the main programs needed to play the game.

However, I do have a solution for you! With the apps I suggest, you’ll be playing ourWorld when you’re supposed to be sleeping in no time!

**I have tried and tested all these apps and I use them on a frequent basis. I wouldn’t post apps that are useless**


iPhone/iPod Apps


1. Photon Web Browser

Cost – $3.99

Pros: It’s very fast, and the graphics are great.

Cons: You can’t open more than 1 tab at a time on the iPhone/iPod version of the app, and if you tilt the Apple device to the side, it distorts the picture.

Notes: Make sure you press the little ‘lightning’ symbol. This turns on the flash browsing, therefore enabling you to play ourWorld.


2. Puffin Web Browser

Cost – $2.99

Pros: Graphics are great, relatively fast loading times.

Cons: Can get a bit laggy at times.

Notes: N/A


iPad Apps


1. iSwifter

Cost – Try for free for 10 minutes and if you like what you see, buy the app using in-app purchase for a *ONE TIME* purchase price of $4.99

It’s the most expensive of the lot, but I tell you right now, it’s definitely worth it. It’s like my 3rd child…besides my computer and iPad.

Pros: Graphics are brilliant, you get to trial it first, really fast loading times.

Cons: Gets slightly laggy when watching videos.

Notes: When typing, the ‘shift’ button won’t automatically turn itself off after beginning a sentence. For example, If I were typing ‘Hello’ to someone, the ‘H’ will be a capital, but then the shift button won’t turn itself off for the next letter. I would have to tap the shift button again, otherwise people would wonder why they’re being yelled at!


I hope this has informed you of a new way to play ourWorld for all you Apple users. I’m currently looking into apps for Andriod, so bear with me.

Know another Flash App?

Leave a thought in the comments, and I’ll add it to the list if I see it!

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