ourWorld Outfits: Original Monthly Design

I am really thrilled to see so many amazing monthly designs! Because there are so many great and original outfits, I decited to team up with Talya and help her feature some of the best ones!

This original monthly set really caught my eye! I hope you love it as well ♥

Forum Profile For: Sonatines

Take a look at her creation:

Tainted Box


Isn’t it just breathtaking? ( To me – yes! ) Would you buy it if it was on ourWorld? Leave a comment below for your opinions!


Are you a creative ourWorlder hidden within the depths of society? Have you got an amazing idea for a Monthly Set, Mystery Box or an outfit in general? I want to see it!

Post your ideas in the Art/Outfits/Stories/Videos section of the OGC Forums for a chance to have your outfit featured! Don’t have a Forums account? Click here to sign up!

♥ Play ourWorld! ♥


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I wear a lot of hats.
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