ourWorld Outfit: Original Monthly Design

So I was durping around the OGC Forums the other day, when I saw this design. The author ‘Swagnificent’ stated:

“This is my boa constrictor set. I created it myself, and I don’t think anyone ever did this, so I did. At first, I didn’t know exactly what to do so I thought about a boa, and I just took a drawing tablet and started drawing.”


Forum Profile for: Swagnificent


Introducing her ‘Boa Constrictor’ Monthly Set.

I completely agree with her; it’s a very original and unique outfit which WORKS. I instantly fell in love with her design below:


Box Set:

Girls Outfit:

Boys Outfit:


What do you think? I would totally buy those wings!


Are you a creative ourWorlder hidden within the depths of society? Have you got an amazing idea for a Monthly Set, Mystery Box or an outfit in general? I want to see it!

Post your ideas in the Art/Outfits/Stories/Videos section of the OGC Forums for a chance to have your outfit featured! Don’t have a Forums account? Click here to sign up!

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