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Vegas Island Tour: Welcome To Vegas!

Vegas World is the newest island on ourWorld. It’s confirmed – if everything goes well, it will be opened on ourWorld on the 19th of March. But now, while we all are still waiting for that special day, you can learn … Continue reading

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ourWorld Basics: Fees on Trades Involving Coins

OGC staff is often asked if there is a fee on coins using the new trading system.  The answer is yes.  The fee, however, isn’t as obvious because of how it is applied.  The person offering the coins puts in … Continue reading

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Flowplay Help Page – How to use

Having any problems with ourWorld?  Not sure how to solve your problem(s)?  Did you know you can contact ourWorld about problems you’re having?  Volunteers are great but volunteers cannot answer all the technical problems you may be having.  Below is … Continue reading

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ourWorld Updates: Music Box Preview

On February 20th, Cammie, the new NPC (non player character) will be finally giving us challenges with their awesome rewards! As you already know, one of the prizes is the Music Box! Here’s a little guide/preview of how to get … Continue reading

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Stolen Contest Photos

What is a stolen contest picture? Well a time long ago, OurWorld did not disable photographs while sitting in the Catwalk. This enabled people to take pictures of clever outfits submitted in fashion shows. Once pictures were introduced in the … Continue reading

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